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Acne, I have had problems with acne off and on as a teenager, but after I had our children it got worse. I mean a LOT worse! It got so bad that I have not been in any family pictures or even gone in public for the last 4 years! I am 39 years old and finally got so sick of wasting money and time on everything you can imagine, even tried every old wives tales. Finally my Dr put me on this, benzol peroxide 5% and Retinal- A.

Restless Legs Syndrome, I am a 12 year survivor of mirapex/Pramepexole. It was a miracle to begin with. I only slept about 4hrs a night but had enormous energy and never tired. That lasted nine years. But during that time I lost bladder control, impulse disorders, loss of concentration, myalgia neuropathy, falling asleep while driving, many more and augmentation. I was on .5 mg. Detoxing med free from this med was horrendous! After detox most of the side effects cleared up. But I still have issues with memory and concentration. This is the only med I took on a reg bases as my health was good. Im still suffering the side effects of the Withdrawl from it. Studies should be for longer than 12 weeks."

Birth Control, honestly the measurement hurt more than the actual placement! And Im so happy I went through with it!!! I wish I didnt read all of these reviews before I did it. Pain is subjective and its not that bad. They explained the procedure to me and I felt more comfortable. Ive never had kids. Its just like getting a regular pap. I think it is the best option of birth control. That being said I will definitely recommend getting this! Do expect cramping for a day or two. I didnt cramp until about three hours after having it done. I took ibuprophen and slept with a heating bad. Very mild cramping today but I am happy with my choice :)"

Conjunctivitis, Allergic, I used them and within 6 hours my eyes swelled almost shut, and cheeks puffed up. 2 weeks later I still have red watery eyes, but thankfully the swelling is finally gone. I will never use this product again (obviously), but it is also incredibly expensive. I have never had an allergic reaction to any medication before so this was very unexpected."

Anxiety, I was prescribed this for onset of anxiety and possible hormonal mood swings. I was not told by my doctor how it would make me feel or how hard coming off of it would be. I took one 37.5 mg capsule and was horrified that I was given this. I woke up at 2am with an anxiety attack for about the first hour. It then went into being wired, nauseous, shakey, weak, chills and sweating. 11 years ago I quit using meth and this was awful that I felt like I was on it again. I laid in bed the entire day, wide awake and ill. I never took another dose! And even one pill took at least another full day to leave my system. My nervous system is obviously sensitive and I could not handle this medication at all."

Raynaud's Syndrome, I started the nifedipine/Procardia this morning. About 4 hours later the rare side effects kicked in. Heart palpitations, dizziness, headache, and I was FREEZING. Even at 43 I still call my mommy. She wasnt thrilled I was going to take it anyway since I have perfect blood pressure. But she recommended laying on my left side. That did help even if it did take awhile for me to get warm again. The headache is still lingering."

Schizophrenia, I am on day #10 of this medication and the side effects are very minimal although I am having trouble sleeping. My sleep patterns have been affected. I feel more energetic, as If I have to be doing something. My mind will not stop repeating the same thoughts, over and over again. I am also very hungry and have an increased appetite. It does however, cause me to think about things differently as I know what my general reaction to things would be, or have been in the past, but, it allows me time to think of an alternative besides being explosive. It has calmed me, and more than once, has helped me to cope with a situation differently and more calmly. Overall, I think Im doing well so far. I plan to continue this medication for some time."

Diabetes, Type 1, Since I was on the trials I put 6+ months but I have been back on Afrezza for about 2 weeks. Afrezza is nothing short of a miracle. I am a type 1 diabetic and my blood sugar average in the past 10 days has been 110. I have a CGM so I have had 2880 readings in the past 10 days. A 110 average equals to an A1C of 5.45. This is possible because Afrezza mimics the speed of a healthy pancreas. Afrezza starts working in only 12-15 minutes and works out of my system very quickly. This allows me to manage my glucose in real time without babysitting diabetes all day. Even if I do have a high I can knock my sugars back to 100 in a matter of minutes."

Depression, Zoloft did not help me at all. I was on it for about 3 months, worked up to 100mg. I was tired and hungry all the time. I gained 20 lbs and slept all day. I was a complete zombie. Definitely made my depression worse."

Schizophrenia, Geodon is a very effective drug for me. Completely wiped out the auditory hallucinations."

Kidney Infections, I was prescribed Bactrim for a kidney infection. I took two doses, 500 mgs each. After the first dose, I began to feel lousy. I assumed it was a side effect. The second dose almost killed me. I went to the ER, where I was stabilized enough to move me to ICU. Before I lost consciousness, my blood pressure was 35/27. I woke up 3 days later with a central line, severely swollen body, and my skin was bright red, like a severe sunburn. I spent 3 weeks in the hospital, with my blood pressure constantly plummeting. I apparently have a severe allergy."

Birth Control, I was started on Gildess 1/20 but then was switched to Blisovi as Gildess was recalled. I always had the clearest skin and now that Ive been taking Blisovi Ill have random break outs and Ive gained some weight as well. I do not recommend. I cant wait to talk to my gynecologist to switch ASAP."

Major Depressive Disorde, I had major depression from the time I started menstruating. It would cycle with my cycle. It caused paranoia, and fear of being seen outside my home. It feared going to my mail box, yet, at times I would sign up to do things like be an Avon Lady! I felt crazy. In my mid 30s, divorced, alcoholic, my doctor prescribed Prozac. It didnt seem to help me. Later in recovery but still profoundly depressed, she put me on Zoloft and the result was instantaneous. I felt like a window to my life had been opened. I wasnt afraid. I looked forward to getting out of bed. I found things I liked to do. I have a healthy relationship, a good job, a life. I have been given my life back. Now, I am 16 years sober. Thank you Zoloft."

Hyperhidrosis, So in high school over ten years ago I started to sweat really bad under my arms. It was super embarrassing to go through high school with this issue. After trying over the counter products and home remedies I gave up. So my Dr at the time recommended Drysol. I used it for just a few weeks and it worked so good. But then after a few months I noticed my armpits darkening. So I stopped using it. Now about 15 yrs later Ive tried so many things to lighten my armpits and nothing works. This stuff did 100% cure my sweaty armpits and I can now freely wear shirts without the sweat marks. But it burned me so bad that I have dark scars for life and still cant walk around freely with tank tops. I guess you cant win them all."

Depression, Sadly only lasted 5 days on Effexor XR. The side effects from the 75mg dose was unlike anything I have experienced before. Within 10 hours of the first dose I had severe anxiety - something I had never experienced before. Within hours of second dose the extreme nausea came on. By day 3 I was pratically bed-ridden in cold sweats and feeling completely "out of it" . I persevered hoping the effects would begin to subside but by the 5th day I had severe nausea, couldnt get out of bed from feeling so sick, horrible tinnitus (ringing in the ears) and felt spaced out to the point that I began to wonder if I would ever feel "normal" again. Advised by GP to cease immediately on hearing my side effects."

Birth Control, I had paragard for a year and a half and had cramping the whole time with terrible long heavy periods. The last couple months I had it I was in so much pain I could hardly walk. Went to my doc and she said nothing seemed wrong. Then the next day I went to the ER and had it removed. It had slipped a little and was causing a lot of discomfort. I will never get an IUD again. Im lucky I didnt need surgery like some women"

Generalized Anxiety Disorde, Pregabalin for me was miraculous. On the first dose (75mg three times a day) my anxiety was reversed. I really thought this was too good to be true. I have tried Prozac and lorazepam at different times of my life. But as is commonly known, after the fourth or fifth trial of SSRIs, they "peter out" and actually become counter productive, even in some cases causing serotonin syndrome. But about two years ago, I was in a very stressful marriage break-up and was taking benzodiazepines to keep the lid on the anxiety, with little effect. The GP respected my wish to try Lyrica. I was and still am, after two years, astounded by this transformation. I feel like I always felt I should feel. A cessation of anxiety and a sense of well being pervades. "

Birth Control, I just started taking this birth control about 12 days ago when I started my period, and Im still bleeding as if Im still on my period. The flow is light however the length of my average period is 2 weeks when I wasnt on birth control. So maybe the medication is altering my system %u2026I do feel nauseous and I crave like crazy. I do feel a little depressed because my period isnt gone yet but overall it

Pain, I have severe scar tissue and adhesions from mutiple surgeries and the pain was intense it is in my pelvic area. I fill like Im having a bad cycle every day and walking intensifies the pain this is a every day feeling. My doctor tried me on Ultram and it has been a God send. I take it three times a day. Without it it would be hard to walk so I give it a 10 thank you."

Obesity, Started out yesterday at 242 and this morning I was only 239.6 not hungry at all"

Depression, I was first prescribed Effexor 13 years ago and was taking 225 mg. I was on it for a few years and stopped taking when I was pregnant with my first child. I was put on Paxil (gained so much weight) and then Zoloft. I took the Zoloft off and on for years until it just wasnt working for me anymore. I was then put on Welbutrin while still taking 25mg of Zoloft. I quit smoking (had no desire to smoke) but then became suicidal. My doctor then put me back on Effexor and I currently only take 75 mg. I feel amazing. Yeah the side effects are bad, Ive gained weight (lost weight the first time I was on it), have sexual side effects, and get quite shaky/jittery if Im late on a dose. But Im finally the mom Ive always wanted to be."

Alcohol Dependence, Drank for thirty years, lost everything, struggled with benders for past 2 years after rehab, no hope. 3 months post Campral. 333mg per day. The only time I think about taking a drink is when I am thinking that I am not thinking of taking a drink. Truly feel it has had an anti-depressant effect for me. Sleep great and the only side effect is an occassional dizziness. Tell everyone you know struggling."

Depression, I took Effexor for the first and last time yesterday around 7:41 am . At first I couldnt feel my arms or face and then it felt like fire works were going off in my head . I yawned all day long and each time I did I felt like my own tongue was gagging me . The worst of it was around 3:45 am I woke up shaking uncontrollably falling over couldnt see straight it felt like I was being electrocuted it was to the point I either wanted to be knocked out or die . My husband found me shaking and rocking back and forth in our living room floor . This drug for me personally was horrific ."

Emergency Contraception, Had unprotected sex near my ovulation date and freaked out so I went to go get the Plan B pill. Was $24 since my insurance covered some of it and had my boyfriend pay for it. I was really nauseous on and off, had headaches and was dizzy. I was REALLY tired too. My period came two weeks earlier and it was really bad. Had big blood clots, really heavy period. The cramps were terrible. It was an unpleasant experience. BUT no baby. So thats good. Really helped. Really wish guys would go through this too. Its really unfair all we women go through."

Anxiety, I did not like this medication. For anxiety, I have also tried Hydroxyzine (Atarax). I guess this is just my personal body chemistry but I actually prefer Atarax to this unlike most people. This made me VERY lightheaded and dizzy. I cant exactly remember the effect it had on anxiety, I think it may have helped a little."

Pain, Was very beneficial when taken with a muscle relaxer for extreme pain in neck and arm. I was also taking Naproxen."

Birth Control, I read so many bad experiences and horror stories about this pill, I was terrified. I am now on my second week of Aviane and have no symptoms."

Migraine Prevention, Have been taking for over 20 years, works good for getting less migraines and even better, helps my tremors. However, when I switched to try the generic, it did neither. Now my insurance wants to make me pay a fee for not being able to use the generic. A fee that equals the list price of the medicine without insurance. I can not afford to go from 100.00 copay for a 3 month supply to 1300.00 for the same amount."

Nausea/Vomiting, For uncontrolled nausea and vomiting that has been diagnosed as a migraine variant, the Phenergan suppository is the only medicine that works. It put me to sleep and and helps to greatly lessen the nausea. This medication works! Getting a physician to understand the diagnosis is not always easy."

Vaginal Yeast Infection, So the cream itches and burns like anything. Only an hour into it but good grief. I have coconut oil I previously bought specifically for my daughters diaper rash, which I applied and is taking the edge off. Next time, diflucan. Ugh."

Osteoarthritis, My Dr thought this would be a good idea for me because of my knee condition I had had for years. I figured Id give it a go and big surprise it made it worse a lot worse - it was like he stirred up a hornets nest after those shots. Now Im having more trouble with it than ever before with walking pain, sleeping pain, knee resting pain, Its all worse Im 40 and walk like Im 80. Physical therapy was a joke considering my condition cant be fixed without replacing the knee. All physical therapy did was get me to shift my weight to one side and now my other knee is giving me problems. I guess the Dr wont be happy until Im in a wheelchair ."

Birth Control, Im on my second implant. The first was brilliant had hardly any periods, just a tiny bit of spotting. A year ago I had my first removed after 3 attempts at finding it, it was eventually removed after a scan. My second has been completely different. After about 6 months Ive started having light periods or spotting which hasnt ceased in the last 2 months. If no improvement I may consider removal."

Motion Sickness, This is by far the best thing on the market for motion sickness. My husbands first love is the ocean so I have had to find something that helps me function on the water. I take it the night before and only have to take 1/2 the morning of our crossing to Catalina. It really works. A sail boater told me about this medicine 20 years ago. The only problem, Its hard to find. More people should know about this medicine."

Birth Control, This is the third day Ive had skyla and so far my experience has been excellent. Id suggest taking ibuprofen all throughout the day and put a heating pad on your stomach (what i did). The procedure was uncomfortable and painful (i cried) but so far, extremely worth it. The day after I got it the bleeding significantly reduced, and today Its hardly bleeding. First day was the worst but definitely doable. As far as being emotional. The first day I was very irritable but Im assuming it was because I was hurting and hungry all day. Other than that Ive been great!"

Bipolar Disorde, So far the best medication for bipolar disorder Ive taken. I started out successfully at 20mg for a year. Then I developed twitching on the left side of my body. My doctor reduced my dosage to 2 mg a day and put me on Artane. I am glad I found this medicine because I dont have to take it daily and I no longer feel as if Im going insane. Helpful, but you really need to pay attention to the way your body handles it. My twitching has gone away thankfully."

High Blood Pressure, I have been prescribed this medicine cause I have kidney disease with high blood pressure, and Im not urinating much, I work which keeps me on my feet and it has caused fluid to build up terribly around my ankles, my legs in my face , and my pressure is still high. Dont take this medicine its torture."

Psoriatic Arthritis, I really like this medication! It helps me with PSA and psoriasis and makes me feel like normal again.

Pain, I have been prescribed Vicodin 5/500s for over a year due to chronic headaches from a severe sinus problem.

Interstitial Cystitis, I use Azo-Standard whenever I have issues with antibiotics or other medications that leave me with a feeling of frequency and/or generalized discomfort. Azo-Standard has always helped greatly, especially at night or anytime I have to sit for long periods which can usually lead to pain and discomfort."

Birth Control, I went in to have my Skyla placed yesterday morning. After reading all of these reviews I was hyperventilating and crying on my way there, bc I did not want to experience "the worst pain of my life". However, it was a complete waste of tears and energy. Before the procedure, I started doing heavy breathing, similar to pregnancy breaths, bc I was so nervous and I can tell you I felt NOTHING. There was a little bit of pressure, but nothing compared to what Ive read on here. Probably a 2/10. It was over in 30 seconds, and as soon as she was done, the pressure vanished. I was shocked. I went to work from 5:45-11:30, & I managed with mild cramping.I cant speak for long term yet, but dont let other women scare you out of this, its very worth it!"

ADHD, My 5 year old son was diagnosed with ADHD just yesterday, the Behavior Specialist said his was one of the worst cases that she had seen in a while, she had suggested putting him on a stimulant medication, I told her i would like to a non-stimulant medication first and she prescribed him Kapvay. My son took it for the first time last night before bed, he went right to sleep and when he woke up this morning he was the calmest most pleasant, helpful and nicest he had ever been in his life. I could not believe the overnight change. Im so glad it worked so fast, he has not gotten in trouble once today which is a new record! His teachers are going to be thrilled on Monday! Thank you to the makers of Clonidine!"

Birth Control, Id never been on birth control up until a few months ago, and I was given Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo as a starter, because I did not want it to have much hormones. I went through two whole packs and decided to switch because of extremely low sex drive, extreme mood swings and increased appetite (I would eat a full meal and two hours later my stomach would be growling again). My relationship began to suffer due to these side effects so I stopped taking it and am back to normal. However, this pill DID have pros: I didnt get pregnant, it regulated my period and caused no breakouts or acne. But be wary of weight gain, decreased libido and mood swings."

Smoking Cessation, I will say this about the patch. It work for me. Were there side effects? yes. A small bit of bruising and a small rash.I was willing to put up with those side effects because I did not have one craving for a cigarette. I was very happy with the program and have remained smoke free for three years boxing day passed."

Emergency Contraception, on March 21-25 I had my period. On March 26 I had an accident. My cycle ranges from 28-33 days. I took plan B within 1 hour that same day March 26. That day I got cramps and got really tired. The next day I experienced diahrrea. On March 31st I started bleeding again which scared me and it lasted 4 days. The bleeding was really light. I spent all April worrying. I took over 10 home pregnancy test and they were all negative. Well today I started bleeding again which makes me 3 days late from my actual period. Yet on time from the plan B period. I never want to go through this ever again."

Osteoarthritis, Celebrex did nothing for my pain."

Major Depressive Disorde, I have Major Depressive Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, and anxiety, I have never felt more calm and in-control of my emotions. Usually every night Id fall into a fit of thinking of self-harm, I have thought of them no more, I still get sad, but Its sadness, not full on depression. My anxiety has decreased so much, I still get nervous, but it is not even close to how bad it was. An added bonus, is for me, it makes me drowsy, so I get more sleep. I have never been so happy in my life. Prozac is a life saver."

Migraine Prevention, I seemed to catch everything while I was on this rx. First it was a really bad cold, next I could not seem to heal from surgery for deviated septum - my ENT was stumped, then later I caught the flu while the rest of my family seemed fine. Also during this 6 month period I had a couple of sinus infections. Eventually, I knew something was very wrong. I started searching the Internet for immunity issues and topiramate, and I got a couple of hits from blogs where women about my age (40s) claimed that topiramate had wrecked their immunity. Alas, my search (and problem) was over because I knew exactly what they meant by "wrecked my immunity". Within a few short weeks of ceasing the use of topiramate, my health returned. Please beware!"

Bipolar Disorde, General tiredness with the medication but no manic episodes. I guess the trade-off is fair."

Migraine Prevention, I take 400 mg a day and it helps."

Birth Control, BC from below. Rapid weight gain, swelling and bad cycle. Dont recommend"

Birth Control, I just got the copper IUD removed after having it for 7 months. I am normally a really positive person with a happy demeanor and I am convinced that the copper IUD threw me into depression and anxiety. I have NEVER had depression or anxiety, and every month my moods got worse, I would cry almost everyday, I would snap at my bf or family for the smallest thing, and I felt rage almost all the time. I was trying to figure out if something else in my life was affecting me, I even went to my therapist and a depression care specialist. I finally read some reviews on the copper IUD and depression and it seems pretty common. Drs will tell you Its not the IUD but please trust your intuition. I also had yeast infection & BV almost every month because of IUD."

Postmenopausal Symptoms, I was getting two hours sleep. Constantly woken with severe palpitations and sweats. Within a week of taking Angeliq, getting a full nights sleep again and no sweats. Fantastic"

Depression, Started taking it and I slept well at night and awoke early around 5 to start my day happily. But come 8 am and I am drowsy and needed to take already two hrs nap. Awake and resume