7 facts: Why Canadian pharmacies is cheaper to order drugs online than in the United States?

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Why Canadian pharmacies is cheaper? 7 facts!

  1.      Fact 1 - BUY ONLINE - SAVE MORE! - With the advent of digital technology, absolutely all types of business (including pharmaceutical) have gone online, because every Internet user is already a potential client! A new question comes from here: WHY EVERYTHING HAVE PASSED ONLINE, AND THE PRICES ARE LOWLY AT CANADIAN ONLINE PHARMACIES?                                                                                                                      The fact is that when switching to the Internet, any company or company begins to save money: Renting a room under the pharmacy + Salary to the pharmacist + Utility payments + Transportation of drugs + GENERAL PRICE so that the business would be profitable. You see only on the first point how much the price of the tablet has grow 
  2.          FACT 2 - GENERIC MEDICINE! - Regarding generic medicine, the controversy has not subsided for several years. And no matter how the pharmacological giants try to artificially distribute invented facts about generics, to ban them, with each new year, month and day, generics go to the LEADING POSITIONS for sale of both prescription and non-prescription medicine online.                                                                                                      What is the secret of generics? And there is no secret! The fact is that the only difference between generic and brand is PRICE! Moreover, it is not rare that the price of a Brand is 10 times higher, although all the other parameters are ABSOLUTELY IDENTICAL - the active substance, the proportions of the components, effects, side effects, healing properties and everything else is the same!                                                             Here Canadian pharmacies took advantage of this moment, and thanks to this 2nd fact, their leadership position in the pharmacy business on the Internet was only entrenched!
  3.      FACT 3 - WORK WITHOUT INTERMEDIARIES!  - Who are the middlemen? These are people who are mostly not directly connected with the production or with the final sale of drugs to patients. And the most interesting thing is that intermediaries add a significant part of the final price. What is their secret? Here, too, there is no secret - sleight of hand and no fraud. They simply help to communicate with each other the drug manufacturer and the distributor - that is, the pharmacy items. Management of Canadian pharmacies, decided to get rid of this price wrap, therefore, you can rephrase the third fact in - WORKING WITH THE MANUFACTURER DIRECTLY!                                              By the way, when working with a manufacturer of medical products on the line, you can often get another discount for large sales volumes!
  4. FACT 4 - BUYING DRUGS ONLINE WITHOUT A DOCTOR'S VISIT! - (Please do not panic! Everything is absolutely legal and secure).                                                                                     It's no secret that the majority of doctors of different specializations cooperate with pharmaceutical companies and for prescribing to the patient THE NECESSARY medicine - doctors get an increase in salary in the form of different bonuses from pharmacy-managers.  And as you know, in addition to the time spent and money to go to the doctor, the patient receives a prescription for expensive medicine (although in addition to generics, virtually all medical preparations have analogues that are several times cheaper).                                                                                                                                              How is it possible to buy drugs on the Internet in the Canadian pharmacy without prescription and visit to the doctor? Everything is very simple!                                                     Every qualified Canadian online pharmacy has a 24 x 7 connection not only with a pharmacist who can answer any question for you, but also a qualified doctor!                            And now will be the most interesting! In the process of , the patient, when going to the payment page, fills out several fields with answers to questions about general health. It turns out that this is the INFORMAL design of the recipe, where CONFIRMATION OF THE ORDER IS HAPPENING ALREADY AFTER FILLING THIS QUESTIONNAIRE WITH WHICH THE DOCTOR REVIEWED, AND MEANS ALL ABSOLUTELY LEGALLY AND THE LAW IS NOT VIOLATED!
  5.      FACT 5 - DEVELOPMENT AND PATENT - in our list of facts, this is probably the only item that at least somehow justifies a partial overstatement of the price of a branded medication.                                                                                                                                           In any business, you need to spend a lot of effort, time and money to not only develop, but also test, conduct various analyzes and eventually get a patent for an invention. Especially when it is related to human health. I think with this point it would be possible to finish it, but it turns out that it smoothly flows into the following fact!
  6.    FACT 6 - ADVERTISING AND PROMOTION - This is probably one of the most costly items to increase the final price of medicines for consumers. After a large amount of money and time is spent on developing and testing a new drug brand - without advertising and promotion, this whole work may not give any results and it will just be dusty somewhere in the documents. For example, global brands of one carbonated drink spend from 40 to 60% of their entire profit on advertising their already popular product!            Generic drugs, on the contrary, do not have such an expenditure principle, here he enjoys the fame of his branded friend.
  7. FACT 7 - GOVERMENT FEES IN UNITED STATES - Let's not forget that the USA is one of the most financially active countries in the world, and this obliges any businessmen to pay certain duties besides official taxes. On average, each tablet sold in the United States is paid to the state treasury in the amount of 4 to 20 cents. It can be said that in the United States of America there is an additional pharmaceutical excise, which, of course, affects the final cost of medicines for ordinary patients. At the same time, Canada is not involved in such acts of vandalism.
As can be seen from the previous facts, the US bureaucratic system significantly increases the cost of any medicine.
In this situation there are 2 possible solutions:
- Or wait until the US public health system and other government agencies start an ADEQUATE POLICY for selling prescription drugs online.”
- Or to keep up with the times and use the services of Canadian Pharmacy Online, as well as save financial resources to get even more benefits from this method.
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